What is the best bungee for your mouse


At a competitive level, all the details are important and in the arsenal of every self-respecting gamer there is a little-known but fundamental accessory: the bungee.

The bungee holds the cable of our mouse in such a way that, in addition to having everything tidier, the cable barely rubs against the mat or objects on the table, improving sliding. In addition, it also prevents it from rolling and jerking in the middle of the game. This way, the mouse movement will be smoother and more consistent. It will make us better.

If you’ve ever noticed the mouse cable rubbing or jerking, put a bungee in your life. They are very cheap and also allow you to have the most orderly desk.

What is the most important when choosing a bungee

A bungee is a very simple accessory, but for this reason we should not neglect the most important aspects:

Base: the base must be stable. For this, it must have a non-slip surface that prevents it from moving on the table and, in addition, it must have a considerable weight so that it does not tip over if we pull.

Smooth Running – The secret to a good bungee is that you always keep the cable in its ideal position. The cord should not be taut, but it should not swirl on the mat either.

From the mouse to the bungee the cable should go without tension, but with a fairly direct path. A couple of slight curves is enough so that we have plenty of cable for all the movements. In addition, when we make a movement that takes the mouse to the end of the mat, the flexible part of the bungee must “give us” the rest of the cable we need in a smooth way, without offering resistance. This way our precision will not be affected.

Size and versatility normally we don’t have much space on the desk, so the smaller the better. However, there are some bungees that are larger, but have other functionalities (USB hub, for example).

Compatibility: Not all cables are the same and some bungees can pinch the cable of your beloved mouse.

Razer Mouse Bungee V3

Razer’s new bungee is the ultimate bungee. It has a simple but effective design based on an arm with a spring. Its biggest advantage is that the spring is much longer than the rest of the bungees, this means that it has never had any jerk with this bungee.

Also, the spring is very flexible and they offer very little resistance when it leans towards us to get us some wire.

As for the rest of the design, the base is very wide and stable; and the entire bottom surface has an adherent rubber that grips the table like a limpet so it doesn’t move even if we put a good pull on the cable.

As with any Razer product, the aesthetic is very elegant. The glossy black is perfect on any desk and is available in two versions: a normal one and a version with RGB LEDs.


The Zowie CAMADE is, without a doubt, the most popular bungee among gamers as it was one of the first bungees to appear. The operating mechanism is identical to that of the Razer. The base offers good stability and features a spring-loaded arm and a rubberized cable adjustment.

The MADE, even today, is still an excellent choice, however, the Razer Bungee V2 is a bit better on everything. The base is more stable, the arm is longer and, personally, it is more beautiful.

Xtrfy B4

The Xtrfy B4 is a bungee with a different design, from my point of view, more elegant and the best in lateral movements. Thanks to its design, the resistance is completely zero when moving the cable laterally, however, its ability to deliver cable longitudinally is more limited and you can have some pull if you play with the cable very tightly. This is why I recommend using it with a bit more headroom cable.

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