UGREEN MFI Lighting Wired Headphones Review for Apple Devices


The UGREEN MFi Lightning have the official MFi certificate and their sound quality is excellent. In addition, they are comfortable, have a good construction and the speakerphone is of quality. For what they cost, there is no better option on the market. Buy fully recommended.

Design and comfort

These UGREEN wired headphones have a Lighting connection and feature a certified MFi chip so it works perfectly with Apple devices.

The cable is made of rubber and has a length of 120 cm and is separated in two about 35 cm from the headphones. On the right earphone cable we have a control with which we have three buttons. With the central button we can control:

  • Pause and play: pressing the button once
  • Next song: press the button twice
  • Previous song: press the button three times
  • Call Siri: long press the button

The buttons at the ends are used to control the volume, we raise it with the upper one and lower it with the lower one. All very easy and simple to remember.

The headphones themselves are incredibly small. They are so small that it takes a bit to put them on because they slip through your fingers. I’m exaggerating a bit, but it’s what I thought the first time I picked them up, comparing them to other similar headphones. Of course, they are also very light and with the included cable they barely weigh 11 grams (each earphone weighs between 2 or 3 grams).

Once put on the headphones they stay quite well in the ear and do not bother me at all. If it weren’t for the cable, you’d hardly notice I’m wearing them.

The build quality of the headphones looks pretty good. The plastics are nice, the finishes are good and it has quality details such as the metallic grille of the driver. In addition, according to the manufacturer they are also robust and resistant. They have been subjected to high and low temperature, drop and impact tests.

The cable has 6 cores and 5 wires, being one of the most flexible and resistant cables on the market, capable of withstanding pulls and bends.

Compatibility and sound

Like I said, the headphones feature Apple’s certified MFI chip and are fully compatible with Apple devices. According to the box they are compatible with:

The headphones mount a 10mm dynamic driver with a titanium diaphragm that produces impressive sound for the price.

The bass has an impressive kick. They also have quite a body, but the kick jolts your brain. The good thing is that they are quite contained and do not mess up the rest of the frequency. By cons, they do not go too low, but for what they cost the bass are impressive.

The mids and highs are clear and crystal clear. The sound strength and realism, the separation of instruments is very good and the sound scene is quite wide to be an in-ear.

The overall sound is colorful and fun, but with a level of detail difficult to find in this price range. The only negative point I can get is that the highs can sometimes be too analytical (with a slight metallic touch), but it is not exaggerated at all.

Another defect, although not of the headphones themselves, is that the cable has a microphone effect and we will hear a little noise when it moves and rubs against clothing. It’s not an exaggeration, but I notice it a lot because I’m used to wearing TWS headphones.

The button knob has a built-in microphone with Knowles MEMS Premium technology that is highly sensitive to voices, but reduces noise. The truth is that I have tested it indoors and the result is really good. People hear me perfectly hands-free and don’t even notice that I’m not speaking directly on the phone.

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