The best power supplies for your computer: gaming, office automation, SFX


Choosing the power supply is not as exciting as the processor or the graphics, but its importance should not be underestimated when it comes to getting a stable PC and that everything works perfectly for many years.

Also, I have to tell you that not all power supplies are the same, and if you choose wrong, it not only means that you will have to buy a new one (with all the hassle of having to change it), but a bad power supply could ruin the components of your computer at any time.

A good power supply or PSU in English (Power Supply Unit) will keep the components of your PC powered with a more stable current, thus ensuring free-hang operation and a longer life of the internal components.

The first thing you have to do is calculate how many watts of power your computer needs, to buy a source that has enough power. Here are the best calculators:

  • Coolermaster
  • Seasonic
  • MSI
  • Newegg

Of course, power is one of the first things to consider, but not the only one. We must also take into account the efficiency, the connectors, the dimensions, the quality of the components, the noise, the stability …

Today’s gaming PC should have at least a quality 550W power supply, and it can still fall short with a lot of powerful graphics. For example, the new Nvidia 3080 calls for a 750W PSU, although it is possible to run it properly with a good 650W power supply.

However, I don’t like to adjust that much. On the one hand, the efficiency of the source is lower when you rush it so much. And second, you can have stability problems in the future when changing a component.

Therefore, today it is best to go for a source that is around 750 W and has good efficiency. And one of the best is the Corsair RM750x.

Corsair’s RMx range is one of the brand’s most successful, combining high performance, affordable price and quiet operation. In fact, some competitive products like the Seasonic Focus Plus Gold and the EVGA SuperNOVA G3 also have great performance, long warranties and many connectors. But their products are not as quiet as the RMx range, whose models rarely exceed 30 dB (A) and some do not even exceed 20 dB (A).

This time around, the 2018 Corsair RM750x is the best value for money in this category. The first thing you have to notice is that the 2018 model is better than the 2015 model, it offers similar performance in a more compact size (it is 2 centimeters shorter) and being quieter. Very important look as usually as we make a smaller PSU it becomes harder to cool.

Also worth mentioning is its impressive interior build quality with Japanese capacitors, thanks to which it can offer a confidence-inspiring 10-year warranty. For a price of around 130 euros, there is no better source that offers 750 W.

The only negative point is that I would not mind if it had a button to activate and deactivate the fan which would allow us to test the fan and install the source with the fan facing down (and not worry about the heat accumulating inside the case and damage the capacitors). As we have seen in the loudness curve, until it does not exceed 50% load, the fan remains stopped.

The next most important category are the 550W power supplies since they help us power mid-range gaming equipment without problems and are not as expensive as the 750W power supplies that are for high-end equipment.

My favorite in this case is once again a Corsair from the RMx range, the RM550x. Of course, due to its great success, its price is about 10-20 euros inflated so it is not as clear an option as the RM750x in the previous section. Still, it is the best option for a good 550W PC.

The RM550x shares many characteristics of its older sister and has quite good efficiency and very quiet operation. In fact, most of the time, the fountain will work passively, and even when the fan is turned on, it spins very slowly without causing any noticeable noise. Only at maximum performance can you begin to hear fan noise, but it barely exceeds 30 dB (A).

Additionally, the source has fantastic ripple (ripple voltage) suppression, good load regulation on the rails, and excellent transient load performance.

All this in a completely modular source, with top-quality internal components and a 7-year warranty.

As in the case of the RM750x, I would like this RM550x to be able to regulate the fan with at least some button, so that it is not totally passive in case we want to mount the source upside down.

Other interesting 550W sources

EVGA SuperNOVA 550 G3 – The EVGA G2 was the best 550W source until the Corsair came along, the new G3 (2017) is also a very good source. It has a 130mm fan, is completely modular and is 80 PLUS Gold certified. It usually costs a little less than 100 euros.

Cooler Master MasterWatt 650: the MasterWatt range is famous for having a very good value for money, especially the 650W model that can be purchased right now for only 60 euros. Quite a bargain. It is also a very quiet and stable power supply. Its biggest drawback is that it only reaches the 80 PLUS Bronze efficiency level.

Seasonic S12II 500-550-650W: This is an old model, but if you can find them, they are wonderful. The new S12IIIs are not that good as the build was moved to another factory in China where you have been missing out on the internal components.

be quiet! Straight Power 11 Platinum: practically soundless (9-14.9 dBA), fully modular power supply with active PFC and 80 PLUS Platinum efficiency. Its price is usually around 115 euros.

A computer for office automation, in which we are not going to put a dedicated graphics card or it will be a low-end one, does not need as much power and we can use a more modest power supply.

The Silverstone ST40F-ES Strider Essential of 400W is a very economical source, it costs only 35 euros, it has an 80 PLUS efficiency (simple). It mounts a fairly quiet 120mm fan, its single + 12V rail supports up to 25A and has active PFC. Not bad for 35 euros.

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